How can Badger Balm help?

Do you favor natural approach? We try to look for an option that makes sense and is within our budget; that’s why we turn to Badger Balm. Many of their items are organic, forgo using petrolatum and other chemicals, and use just the right amount of essential oils so the products are cloying.

Badger - Sleep

Need help sleeping? We reach for Badger Sleep Balm, the essential oil blend is specially formulated to calm thoughts and clear the mind.  Badger Sleep Balm doesn’t make you sleepy and it is not a drug, rather this natural sleep enhancer uses a sophisticated blend of essential oils to help quiet your thoughts, so you fall asleep naturally. Rosemary is the traditional herb for clear thinking, confidence, and memory. Bergamot is mentally uplifting, and ginger is strengthening and confidence-inducing. Balsam Fir is refreshing, like a walk in the woods, while lavender is the traditional sleep herb: fresh and relaxing. This balm is perfect for those nights when you can’t seem to stop the mind chatter!

Badger - Hardworking hands

Need help for your hardworking hands? Badger’s Healing Balm is a must! This ultra-rich, ultra-moisturizing balm will soothe and soften any chapped, cracked, rough, or weathered skin from windburn, scratches, and scrapes.  The balm contains no petrolatum or chemicals of any kind. Ingredients include organic extra virgin olive oil, castor oil, beeswax, aloe vera extract, and essential oil of sweet birch. The light wintergreen scent makes it perfect for both men & women. 


Badger - Headache

Fighting a headache? Headache Soother Balm is a cooling temple rub which is rich with soothing botanical extracts, including our favorite super-concentrated Menthol Crystals the essence of mint created by a freezing process. In traditional aromatherapy, eucalyptus and peppermint are stimulating and refreshing lavender supports balance and calm and mandarin is uplifting. This portable aromatherapy balm promotes calm and a sense of relaxed well-being and helps to clear and cool sinuses. This USDA Certified Organic Portable aromatherapy that is convenient to carry and easy to use. Apply to pulse points to cool and  refresh your achy head anytime anywhere. Softens and smooths skin as you use it. Directions Massage onto temples forehead back of neck or anywhere that needs a little soothing breathe it in. 


How do you use your Badger Balm?

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