Creating Beautiful Moments with Brilliant Bee Liquid Chalk Markers

It’s happened. We’ve been bitten by the craft bug. We’re not sure if it’s the weather or the holiday season in general, but all we want to do is start a bunch of new crafts. We know, we know, this is a really busy season full of family, friends, and holiday preparations, but sometimes we just want to make things.

That’s why we picked up some Brilliant Bee Chalk Markers. They are easy to use, which allows for quick creation and clean up of your project.  Upon first use, you just hold marker vertically with the tip facing up. Press the tip gently to release pressure. Shake well with cap on and upright. Remove cap and press the tip to whichever surface you choose for a few seconds until tip fills with ink. Just know that they can only be used on non-porous surfaces like glass, whiteboard, or metal. 


You can use Brilliant Bee chalk markers for a variety of things, but what we’ve been obsessing over is hand lettering. We just can NOT get enough.

There is something about hand lettering that takes equal parts planning, dedication, and artistry.



Whether you are wanting to create something cute on a white board, glass, or metal  for a wedding, holidays, or sporting event, Brilliant Bee is the way to go. These markers are non-toxic, water-based, dust-free, and wipe clean easily. Simply wipe the surface with a damp cloth and it will disappear without smudging or streaking.

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What will you be making?

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