Great Sleep is Just One Fan Away

The plight of the apartment dweller with heavy-footed upstairs neighbors is a reality which many people know all too well – myself included (At the moment, my upstairs neighbors are conducting what seems to be their third major furniture reorganization this week).

It’s the major downfall of shared walls. From rickety dorms to ritzy town homes, the many sounds that accompany urban life can disrupt our lives, our sleep, and take a toll on our sanity.

Unfortunately, we can’t all just up and move to a peaceful country home, far from noisy neighbors and metropolitan cacophony. So how do we block out unavoidable noise? With more noise, of course!

Enter the ‘LectroFan. It’s a white noise and fan sound machine, but it isn’t just any old noise machine. The portable yet powerful little unit has twenty non-repeating digital sounds – ten fan sounds and ten white noise variations – along with volume control and a handy sleep timer.

adaptive Sound

According to the National Sleep Foundation, ambient sounds like white noise minimize the distinction between background noise and “peak” noises, like sirens or slamming doors, which increases our ability to sleep through otherwise disruptive stimuli. White noise machines have long been popular with parents to help their infants sleep. But these things aren’t just for babies anymore, folks!

As a light sleeper with extremely noisy neighbors and a roommate who is out the door before my alarm even goes off, I typically keep a window fan running all night to help block out noises. But with winter approaching, this “faux fan” couldn’t have come at a better time. I’ve officially put the fan away and started using the ‘LectroFan every night to help me fall asleep faster, sleep through disruptive sounds, and wake up feeling refreshed. Any with so many sound options packed into one little powerhouse, the possibilities are endless.

Upstairs neighbors choreographing another impromptu dance routine? Perhaps fan sound #3 can drown that out. Yet another construction project across the street? White noise #6 is just what I need!

On top of masking sounds for improved sleep, turning on a noise machine can be a helpful addition to your bedtime routine. The soothing sensory input signals that it’s time to wind down. But it’s not just for sleep – use it to aid in meditation or studying, or at work to reduce distracting noises in the office. Shop Adaptive Sound Technologies’ ‘LectroFan here

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