Invest in your hair care

Having to replace your hair tools can be a pill, especially when they stop working mid-use. Raise your hand if the hair dyer stopped and you still have damp hair? Hat day, real quick. Or, how many of you have had only half of your hair straightened when the flat iron decides to walk out on you? Yep, top knot will do. My favorite is when you’re getting gussied up for a night out and the curling iron says ‘nah’ and just won’t turn on. We’ve had that too; a casual up-do it is!

For many of us, the process of shopping for the perfect hair tool can be daunting. You want to make sure it can get to the right temperature, has the correct plates, and maybe it’s just us, but we want it to look cute, without breaking the bank. It’s an investment piece, you want it to last you years and protect your hair as much as possible. So when we got our mitts on three of NuMe’s products we just had to share the good news!

Reviewer: Rachel
Rank: 4.5 out of 5

Pearl Wand

This wand is incredible! The wand heats up very quick and produces perfect wavy curls in a matter of seconds with loads of volume! It can be tricky at first since it is so quick to curl, but after a few times you will get a technique down for the curl like waves you’re  wanting. I have to run my hands through my hair a few times after I’m done to help make the curls more relaxed. The curly waves the Peal Wand makes is perfect for any occasion but is especially great for those summer beach waves!

Reviewer: Joy
Rank: 5 out of 5


Turquoise Magic Wand 25MM

This wand is the best curling wand/iron I have ever used. The customizable temperature (up to 450 degrees!) is perfect for someone with varied textures of hair (from fine to coarse). The barrel is a bit longer than average curling irons, which I love given that I have very long hair. With the higher temperature, it also made it very easy to achieve perfect, long-lasting waves in a matter of minutes. The handle was very comfortable and easy to hold. The barrel also gave my hair a healthy shine. 10/10!
Turquoise Megastar Flat Iron

I have used a handful of very spendy flat irons in my time, and this one takes the cake. The customizable, easy-to-read temperature makes it easy to adapt the iron to your hair needs. I couldn’t believe how silky smooth and frizz-free this iron made my hair after a few minutes. After using the iron daily for a few weeks, I didn’t notice any increased dryness or damage. The infrared strip is very unique in this iron, and from what I have seen, this helps ensure even straightening. I’ve also used this flat iron to curl my hair and it works wonderfully! The turquoise color is absolutely beautiful as well.

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