How to Build a Cheese Plate

There ain’t no party, like a party with a cheese plate. But, navigating the cheese world can be a bit of a mystery.

So, where to start? Ask your local cheese monger. Not only are they a wealth of information when it comes to cheese, but they will be able to help you pair the correct cheeses so the flavors aren’t over or underwhelming. We recommend arranging a variety of cheese types from cow, goat, and sheep to give your mouth a delicious journey.

Arrange your cheese clockwise. Start the plate with softer, more mild cheese to hard and more intense flavors at the end. You want to create an experience where your guests can be wowed by the various flavors, but not overwhelmed. As the host, we like to write the various cheese names on the plate which gives each placement a fun unique twist.


Brighten the plate. A fun way to transform your plate and pallet is by adding dried fruit, nuts, and honey. It adds as a fun decoration between the cheese but also allows you to sample the cheese with additional flavors. We recommend keeping honey in a separate container so your guests can choose how they would like to eat the array.

Pair with your with a complementary wine or beer. A great way to elevate the tastes further is by way of a delicious drink. We especially love our local wines and craft beers. Not only do they change the taste perception, but it offers a great taste extension to the selection you have.

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