Put some pep in your hair styling step!

It happened. The day that we needed our hair tool the most, it died on us in the midst of styling. Talk about total freak out! You could say that day became a hat day real quick.

Fast forward two days later; all the praise to Prime shipping, we got our box of NuMe Curl Jam set and we are in love. Not only does this set have your standard wand barrel, but has two other barrel attachments and a flat iron. This set is the complete to get any curl you want!

NuMe Curl Jam Kit

To start the process, we treat our hair with a dimes-sized amount of NuMe’s Argan Oil on either damp or dry hair. The vitamin E formula helps by infusing moisture into the hair, prolonging your color, and giving a long lasting shine. It’s perfect not only for your hair but your skin and nails as well. Once the oil has been absorbed, you can begin the styling magic.

NuMe Argan Oil

The 70’s style trend is having a major moment and we can not get enough of it. So, this spring we are trying the voluminous curls and a middle part with straight locks, both of which are easily achievable with our new kit!

NuMe 1

We recommend trying the large barrel in the Curl Jam kit with a good holding spray to get fun voluminous curls.

NuMe 2

What styles are you excited for this spring?

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