The Purest Water You’ve Ever Tasted. Seriously.

At etailz, we’re all about giving back to our community. So when one of our partners is doing that too, we couldn’t be happier to share that with you.

Our partner, ZeroWater, produces the only filtration system that fits the FDA definition of purified bottled water. I personally tried the ZeroWater pitcher for a week. Here’s what I learned as well as my honest opinion.


I noticed that it took longer for ZeroWater to filter than my Brita, but that’s because ZeroWater has a five-stage filtration system, while Brita only has one.

Here’s how ZeroWater’s filtration system works:

  1. Activated carbon infused cloth
  2. Multi-layer system using carbon and oxidation reduces alloy
  3. Distributor that maximizes contact time
  4. Comprehensive ION Exchange array
  5. Non-woven membrane to remove fine particles


Also, I learned an awful lot about what’s in the tap water I’m drinking. While the water in Washington (where etailz’s headquarters is located) is much better than many parts of the country, there’s still quite a bit of TDS (“Total Dissolved Solids”) in every cup. TDS that can show up in tap water includes lead, chromium, hydrogen sulfide, mercury, chlorine taste & odor. No, thank you. ZeroWater gets rid of all of it. And they can prove it too. At the heart of every drop of water that’s purified by a ZeroWater Pitcher is an independent, laboratory-calibrated TDS meter.


The TDS reading for the tap water was 163.


The TDS reading for the water filtered through ZeroWater was, of course, zero.

The water did taste a lot different than tap water. It tasted purer, crisper, and cleaner. And shouldn’t we all enjoy clean water?

ZeroWater sure thinks so. That’s why they’ve started a program called Filters for Flint (#zwforflint) to help provide ZeroWater filters to residents of Flint, Michigan, where lead in the drinking water has been a public health concern since 2014. For each donation received, they’ll match it.image1

The verdict: Zerowater tastes cleaner than any water I’ve had. While the water where I live has a good taste to it, I had no idea about the TDS level. With ZeroWater, I don’t have to take a chance of consuming anything but pure water. I think everyone could benefit from drinking cleaner water with ZeroWater, but especially those who live in areas with high TDS levels (check your city here). So yes, I’ll take another glass please.


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