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When It’s Not a Winter Wonderland for Your Skin & Hair

We have a love-hate relationship with prolonged winter temperatures. On one hand, we love the pristine snow, fresh powder on the mountain, and even the cool temperatures (to a degree). But once it surpasses frigid temps, our skin seems to freak out and turn into a sensitive mess, every single year. Of course, as we have gotten older, we also have gotten a little wiser. We know now that a piping hot shower (which feels divine in the moment) can break down the lipid barrier on our skin, so it then has a hard time retaining moisture. And of course, we invested in a brilliant exfoliant and cleanser. To help cultivate moisture-rich skin, hair, and home we are using these products.

The Balm Time Balm

Winter chill means dry skin! If you don’t start your makeup routine with a good moisturizer or primer, it will negate what a good foundation does for you and will put a spotlight on your flakey skin. Help hold on to the coverage you want by using this primer before applying foundation.

Ecco Bella Natural Foundation

In the winter, liquid foundation is the way to go! After applying primer, try this Ecco Bella lightweight liquid foundation. Its organic ingredients will help keep your skin hydrated, give you the coverage you crave, and protect you from sun damage (yes that is needed in the winter as well!).

Belli sheer lip balm

Dry, cracked lips are painful! Take care of your lips with this hypoallergenic balm. It’s made with lanolin oil to seal and prevent further chapping.

EOS 3 pack

We love the flavor variety this pack gives you! 100% natural and packed with antioxidants – keep all three for you or share with a couple of friends!


Badger Balm Hardworking Hands

Ultra-nourishing for help with the dry, cracked hands that come with the season. Certified organic with a refreshing light scent– you may even catch your man using this moisturizing balm!


Shea Moisture 10 in 1 renewal system

Help revive lackluster hair with this hair masque! Use weekly to prevent signs of aging, help protect your color, and nourish dry tresses!

Jonathan Dirt paste

Let’s face it, hair always looks better the day after you wash it, and that look can last even longer in the winter. Get that same volume and manageability with this texturizing paste, even on the days you wash it!



Tribest Humio

Colder weather outside means cranking heaters up inside, which can lead to drying air in your house. Use this humidifier to combat the arid environment and provide a soothing ambiance with soft lighting. We recommend Fabulous Frannie’s Essential Oil Beginner Starter kit in the aromatherapy oil compartment!

Now, you tell us. What are your winter necessities?

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