Earphones That Never Tangle. Ever.

Here at etailz, we’ve been working with Zipbuds for a while now, offering their never-tangle Pro Mic Zipper headphones. When they announced they were developing a new zipperless technology called SLIDE, we were excited and curious to see how they turned out. After all, Zipbuds is calling these their “best earbuds yet.” Being the cool folks they are, they sent us a couple pairs to test, and we were not disappointed!



It could be easy to overlook sound quality when Zipbuds is best known for its elegant solution to tangled cables, but they’ve made acoustics a top priority on this line. We experienced surprising clarity and definition between the highs and mids, and powerful bass. It should be noted that we listened to music ranging from acoustic guitar to deep house. Hands down, we preferred the SLIDE’s balanced sound to our basic Apple buds or price-equivalent Skullcandy model. We were also very impressed by the noise cancelling – these buds fit snugly in your ears so you don’t hear a peep of outside noise.



Zipbuds outdid themselves on the ear tips. After testing these buds for over a week, we didn’t notice the slightest hint of discomfort even after hours of wear. Because of their shape, they support their own weight without straining the listener’s ear. With SLIDE, you’re given three sizes of rubber ear tips, guaranteeing a snug fit. To boot, the cord is lightweight making these ideal for a commute or trip to the gym. This is perhaps the most drastic improvement over the heavier plastic zippers from the previous zipper lines.


The “Zipper”

SLIDE is a flat out smooth, simple design. The older models’ wires are literally encased in zippers, while SLIDE features a sleek rubber cable that zips up with a small ergonomic pull (think of high-end zip-lock bags with the plastic pull tab).


Final Thoughts

The remote and mic are great for talking to Siri, taking phone calls, and play/pause on iTunes – but old habits from other brands left us wishing the remote included volume control.


Bottom line, Zipbuds SLIDE headphone cables made a drastic improvement to the tangle-free mechanism, and we’re proud to agree these are their best buds yet.

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