A Good Night’s Sleep

Your babies health and happiness is your number one priority. With babies and toddlers spending 10-14 hours a day sleeping and playing on a crib mattress. It’s no wonder that the selection of a  great mattress is paramount. For the first few years of a child’s life, the mattress is the single most prominent object in the child’s environment. This is why our first choice for a mattress that encompasses quality and design, is Naturepedic.

Through in-depth research, Naturepedic products eliminate hazardous chemicals found in conventional mattresses while offering a more natural and non-toxic alternative for parents. Naturepedic products are regularly tested for chemical emissions and are certified by GREENGUARD® to meet their strict standards for children. In addition, Naturepedic does not sacrifice critical features and benefits such as waterproofing and a hypoallergenic design.

All Naturepedic products follow these principles and priorities:

Priority #1: No harmful chemicals.

Priority #2: No allergenic materials.

Priority #3: Natural, organic and renewable materials wherever possible.

Priority #4: Practical design (e.g. easy-to-clean waterproof cover).

Priority #5: Third party independent testing and verification.

More Specifically:
NO Flame Retardants or Flame Retardant Barriers
NO Memory Foam or Other Forms of Polyurethane Foam
NO Soybean or Biobased Foam (polyurethane foam with soybean oil mixed in)
NO Latex, Wool or Other Commonly Allergenic Materials
NO Polyurethane Coated Nylon or Damask Fabrics
NO Antibacterial Treatments or Biocides
NO Glues or Adhesives
NO GMO cotton or other GMO fibers
NO Shoddy Insulator Pads

All specs aside, it’s a wonderful feeling knowing that your child is happy and healthy in the environment you created.

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