Get to know Riley’s Organics

I was born and raised in America’s heartland on a second-generation corn and soybean farm. We worked hard to produce healthy food for America’s table, and we always had a healthy respect for the land. We believed that sometimes the right route was not always the easiest route – growing healthy, good tasting, nutritious crops meant going the extra mile. We take this same philosophy and put it right into our dog treats. That’s why we say “we wouldn’t feed it to our dogs if we wouldn’t eat it ourselves!”

At Riley’s Organics we believe in the highest quality ingredients, 100% all natural, human grade ingredients that are USDA certified and made in the USA. Our goal is to create great tasting high quality treats helping to foster great relationships between a dog and their pet parent.

We believe dogs deserve the same quality ingredients and processes that we have. Unlike other non-organic dog treats out there, our treats do not contain chemicals and there is no wheat, soy, corn, or added sugars and salt.

We choose to use organic ingredients (such as: canola oil, cinnamon, eggs, milk, molasses, oat flour, peanut butter, peanut floor, rolled oats, and sweet potatoes) because we believe organic food is healthier and taste better than non-organic.

Organic and all natural are not just words, but are pathways to healthier, happier lives. Feeding your dogs a healthy diet is not just important, but a must. Dogs make a difference in our lives; we should make a difference in theirs – by feeding them healthy tasty treats.


-Grant Weber

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