Practical Prep Giveaway

Welcome to the 2013 Practical Prep Giveaway!

Official Rules:

  • Must be 18+
  • Must be a United States Resident to win
  • One entry per person
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Enter to win and pay attention to your email! FOUR lucky winners will be randomly selected and contacted through email by September 25th!

Giveaways include:

  • All American Sun Oven worth $349.00.  Sun Oven has revolutionized the field of solar culinary technology. What is a Sun Oven you ask? A Sun Oven is a serious energy efficient appliance that can bake, boil, steam, and dehydrate food. It can also be used as an emergency preparedness item to boil water, pasteurize milk, and heat kindling for a fire! Learn more about Sun Oven here.
  • Z-Bar Solo Mini LED Desk Lamp by Koncept, worth $225.00. This eco-friendly desk lamp uses a single arm for a more compact design with an LED head able to fold flat against the body. The LED head can swing up and down and pivot left and right to light up whatever and wherever you want. Slide your finger along the touch strip to dim gradually, or touch anywhere on the strip to jump directly to any brightness, including off. Compatible with the optional occupancy sensor. View Koncept’s Z-Bar Mini Desk Lamp here.
  • Emergency/Rechargeable Lantern by Gama Sonic worth $34.99. No longer will you have to hunt down your candles and matches or try to find those replacement batteries for your flashlight. The Emergency/Rechargeable Lantern runs for 7 hours once fully charged and charges from any standard home outlet. The 40 bright white LED lights will ensure you can see where you are going and what you are doing. When a power outage does occur the Emergency/Rechargeable Lantern will turn on automatically but there is also a manual on/off switch. View Gama Sonic’s Emergency/Rechargeable Lantern here.
  • nPower PEG by Tremont Electric. The nPower PEG personal energy generator captures and stores the kinetic energy that is created from your body’s movement. The nPower PEG provides a significant charge (70-75%) to smart phones, and 100% charge to cell phones, Mp3 players, and other hand-held devices. It captures energy from your movement as well as from a USB wall charger or computer. Once the nPower PEG has a charge it will charge all your devices at the same rate as if you had plugged it into a power outlet. Learn more about the nPower PEG here.

What product are you hoping to win? Comment below or chat with us on Facebook or Twitter! Good Luck!


29 thoughts on “Practical Prep Giveaway

    • We love it! Generating energy from your energy! Good Luck! We will announce winners next week! Make sure you’re checking your inbox!

  1. Living in hurricane prone New Orleans, I would be blessed to win any of these great prizes. I know first hand how important these items are in a disaster. Thank you for this giveaway and I pray the winner will never be in a situation where they need to use them!

  2. I’m fascinated by the Sun Oven. It would be great to use for baking in summer when it’s too hot to use the electric oven.

  3. I need the Sun OVEN!!! Power, water and gas was off here in MI for 4 days, we drove to my parents to eat, shower, and hurry and return home. I know the feeling and don’t want to feel that way again!


  4. I hope to win the All American Sun Oven. My family will get some good use out of it while we do our annual up north trip.

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