Our World Record: The After Math


Well, it’s over and done with, and what do we have to show for building the World’s Largest Piece of Handmade Paper?

The Start:

  • As planned, the day began bright and early for the setup of cameras and workstations at 3am. Our materials, thanks to Earthworks Recycling, Lowe’s and Gonzaga University, were ready to rip before the crack of dawn.
  • 4am – our construction crew, a mash up of accountants, copywriters and data managers, swooped into action, building the frame while the mixing crew, another chance assortment, puréed pulp. All the while, our official witnesses from Startup Weekend kicked back to slurp on a few cups of java while GreenCupboards employees scurried between mixing, pouring and catering to news crews.
  • 5am – coffee, tea and morning cakes arrive from Revive Coffee. Stress levels drastically reduce.


The Goo:

  • We stared pouring our recycled paper sludge onto our landscape fabric frame at 6am and gained steam from there!
  • Finishing at 8:10am, the last buckets of pulp were laid and compressed with hand rollers.
  • Viola! 1,338 sq. ft. of handmade recycled paper … according to volunteer surveyor Rick Benecchi from Coffman Engineers.



  • 9:45am – YMCA campers arrive to plant seeds (grass, vegetable, herb and flower) in the drying pulp.
  • 9:46am – YMCA campers commence feeding on coffee cake, lemonade and the sugar bowl.
  • 9:47am – YMCA counselors confiscate sugar from campers.
  • 10am – Press conference featuring GreenCupboards’ CEO, Josh Neblett, and representatives from Mayor Condon’s office and the McKinstry Innovation Center of Spokane.


The Long Dry:

  • Spectators trickled in and out after our press conference. All the while, our trusty witnesses watched as the paper dried until 5:30pm.


Arts and Crafts?

  • What does one do with 1,338 sq. ft. of handmade recycled paper?
  • After chopping the paper up we returned pieces to community members, volunteers and the YMCA. We donated leftover building materials to Habitat for Humanity and returned the wood pallets used to construct the frame to Earthworks Recycling – yet another trusty sponsor.


Our Sponsors:

  • Earthworks Recycling
  • Lowe’s
  • Gonzaga University
  • Coffman Engineers
  • Revive Coffee

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