Top 10 Green Gifts For Him

If the shopping itch … or woe is bearing down as it gets closer to Black Friday, use some deep breathing exercises to calm your nerves, and inhale this greenie gift guide for him to help replenish your shopping confidence!

Dice them' Hairs

1. Beat back the beard with Every Man Jack. With No-Shave-November (or Mo-vember for the mustache connoisseurs out there), your friends, family and co-workers are probably antsy to see your face free of a month’s stubble. Start hacking that stuffy rubble off your face with Every Man Jack Shave Gel. The only cruelty this non-animal tested formula inflicts is a smooth hacksaw treatment on your 5 o’clock shadow.

Blow the Snow!

2. Sidewalk snow’s worst enemy: A dude (or lady) with an electric snow thrower. Mother Nature likes throwing us flurried curve balls once in a while, so throw some back! Reclaiming sidewalk space with the Snow Joe 18 in. Electric Snow Blower is as easy as plug n’ go. Fit with a 20 Watt halogen lamp, this snow blowin’ centerpiece makes night time snow removal a snap.


3. Maybe your man has breathing problems, winter sniffles or uproarious allergies? If so, there’s little hope … outside of Rabbit Air Purifiers. Throw up a Rabbit Air Purifier and reap the benefits of art that cleans your air! Almost as taboo as tapestry, Rabbit Air Purifiers are decorated with famous and alternative art designs such as Kohusai’s The Great Wave Off Kanagawa. Mount this puppy on any wall in the home or office for a visual and breathable catharsis.

Up Dog!

4. Okay, yoga may not be right for every guy, but if it piques your man’s interest, then tally-ho to the yoga cellar! Get your guy started off right with the Manduka BlackMatPRO. Ideal for all skill levels, the BlackMatPRO puts non-slip cushion under any yogi in need.

Brew Your Face Off!

5. When a bro needs a cup-a-jo, The Keurig B40 Single Cup Brewer becomes his best friend. Easy to use, quick prep and exquisite output, this single cup coffee brewer brings a whole new meaning to caffeination station! Let the java flow from the coffee cupboard with a little help from Keurig.

Gone Cruisin'

6. Have a 6 foot man-child living in your house? Have we got the gadget for you. Let that mongrel wheel around all day long on the X-Treme Scooters 500 Watt Electric Scooter. While zipping around wears out this scooters charge, your man’s hype is bound to spike with this wheelin’ and dealin’ toy from X-Treme.

Sprout Watch

Sprout Watch

7. Set yourself ahead of the game with a this timepiece from Sprout.

Seat It!

8. Act like a boss, and sit like one too in Alera’s Wing Back Guest Chair. Does your man party like Benjamin Franklin? Well, he can now! Set his seat on these plush cushions for the sit of the century.

Stay Wool Warm

9. If your man’s heart dips to Grinch-like low temps, then the only suitable solution is festooning him with Wool Blankets from Hugger Mugger. Certain to help fight off the coldest nip of the night, these blankets come in a variety of warming and cheerful colors.

Saw It Good

10. Let’s get Grizzly Adams with it, and tear it up with a Worx Eco Electric Chainsaw! Simply plug and go for this timber falling log demon to make its mark. Bid farewell to that old Abe Lincoln ax and wedge nonsense. Cut your wood and burn it too! Let Worx Eco take the reins. Sources: Images:


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