Lutec Free Power Generator

inventors John Christie left and Lou Brits right

“John these are big claims, are you sure can live up to them?…. We don’t really need to live up to them, Chris, the technology speaks for itself” – A quote pulled from the interview with inventor John Christie. (video below)

So what are these “big claims”? John Christie believes he has invented a machine that will change the way the world get’s its power, and will make scientists re-write the laws of physics.

A machine powered using magnets and a battery can apparently produce over five times the amount of power put into it. The device is known as a “Free Energy Generator,” or Lutec 1000 motor, and aside from an initial cost to build or buy the machine the energy produced is “free” and the machine is said to run indefinitely.

According to the Magniwork website: “The generator powers itself and creates energy by itself, without requiring solar energy, heat, water, coal or any kind of resource.” The site goes on to add, “The generator is eco-friendly and doesn’t produce any harmful byproducts.” (

The technology does seem to be too good to be true. As inventors John Christie, and partner Lou Brits market their device as a revolutionary technology some scientist and entrepreneurs are having doubts about the machines practical functionality.

When asked about the critics claims against his machine John responded, “They are welcome to contact us and we will give them the names of experts who have assessed the machine, but who’s going to pay the experts, who are paid more than $US90 an hour, to sit down and explain it to them – because we’re not,”

The latest version of the Lutec

One engineer, Walt Rosenthal, discredited the machine after testing it saying his experimentation found “The inventors would start with fully charged batteries for the demonstration. They assumed that the battery terminal voltage would decrease linearly as the battery was used. So, after using the battery for, say, 30 minutes, they would again measure the battery terminal voltage, and subtract this value from the start voltage, then multiply that difference voltage times the known amp-hour capacity of the battery bank, to come up with their assumption of the total energy consumed from the battery bank. Unfortunately, battery terminal voltage is almost flat for perhaps 90 percent of the battery capacity, before it drops off rather steeply for the last 10 percent of it’s capacity. Parke Cole and I tried to explain this to the inventors. I am not sure we succeeded. We were about the 15th group of people to show up on their door step after they went public. We were the first people to bring our own test equipment. The inventors said that the first people to show up were the Russian Mafia. Our bottom line was 50 watts of DC power input, which resulted in 14 watts of rotary mechanical power output. I hope the inventors have improved their device from where we tested it so that it now matches their statements of it’s performance.” (

Despite, Walt’s claims, John is still convinced his device works and is still undergoing refinements to improve its power output and functionality. The idea of harnessing magnetic energy is not new, and has been attempted before with varying degrees of success. Check out for another example of a generator running from magnetic power.

John Christie says his device will be able to produce 24 megawatts of power per day, and is convinced that by 2020 energy companies will be converting to this magnetic power source for clean energy.

The device itself is not on sale yet, however, offers an instruction manual for do it yourselfers who wish to try and build the Free Energy Generator themselves.

The Lutec 1000 technology has been granted patents in 17 countries including the United States.  (

What do you think about the Lutec 1000? Is it a legitimate alternative energy source, or a case of misguided engineers?

Watch the videos below, and peruse the links for more information on this possible energy breakthrough.

Click Here, to read the official Lutec description of how the Lutec 1000 works.




7 thoughts on “Lutec Free Power Generator

  1. Been patiently waiting since its conception in the Courier Mail April 2001 . Cannot believe if something like this is genuine why it is taking so long to get into production patents or not . A world wide patent only lasts 15 years so some will be due to run out before its in production .

    • You have to understand what the cost’s are to understand why it has taken this long to understand this technology. Folks in black suits visit more often when you create FREE power. Those people in black suits work for people WHOM don’t like your technology. Those suits harass you at first, then they warn you….then they remove you.
      You can not create free power in today’s mindset, we are not civilized enough to accept this. You say “i can”, of you can because it’s FREE.
      did you know that NIKOLA TESLA invented electricity and HE WANTED IT TO BE FREE…J.P morgan funded his work. ONCE JP MORGAN learned Dr. Tesla wanted it to be free, He no longer funded him. The Power of making Power free is priceless.. Patents WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED because of the higher ups. So you make it for yourself, because if you try to make a profit from it who are you any different then those whom try to take it from you………………………….

  2. Brian, it will never happen even if it is true. Too much Oil and coal power that would be bankrupted by this. In any event none of the videos realy let one see what is connected to the device. I saw a cord going to the floor… where’s that going?

    Nice idea anyway.

  3. Nothing comes easily free. I have been reading on forums that there is a problem of magnets loosing power is used beyound the limits. There is no mention about this in the video of Lutec and the claim that they last long time is not correct. There must be a more specific approximate life-time value.
    Then what is the sense of using elettricity to keep it going? If it produce 80 percent more than the 20 % input it requires, then why they don’t provide a loop circuit that cuts off the input after it starts and then it feeds itself? There is still 60 percent left over energy to use.

    • I think that’s what it does. It only requires a battery to “kick start” it, then it runs alone powering the battery completely off grid.

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