The Rhetoric and Logic of Mars Colonization.

Mars, Our New Home Away From Home?

A Second World?

The Environmental crisis? To which environment do you speak? Marsseemingly has it all figured out, why not move there? No pollution, no war, no hunger or natural disaster, Mars may become the Earth’s home away from home.

It could sustain us, and more importantly it is ours for the taking. Isn’t it?

Perhaps it is time for a new world order to rise. This new world order would not be on this world at all but on the red ball in the sky, the new world. Technological advancements will inevitably be able to make mars inhabitable for humans.
Human curiosity will inevitably lead to colonization efforts on Mars. In the case of Mars there are obvious idealistic pros and very real consequential cons. This decision and the very-real possibility of a neo astrological colonization era, this decision will come down to the rhetoric from your nations leaders, capitalist, and entrepreneurs alike. It will be the effectiveness of this rhetoric that will decided when this uprising will occur, for there is only one way off this planet; money, and lots of it. Mars colonization must be first marketed and sold to the pubic before any action can be made.
The one way ticket; do you buy it?
• Do you think that Earth environment should be repaired before a substantial investment is made on another planet?
• How should the first colonist, after the initial astronauts be decided?
• Should colonization efforts be made by private investments or government initiative?
• What are the most important things to implement on mars before it is inhabitable, given that basic commodities are given: food, water, shelter.
• Who, and how should Mars be claimed by governing forces, and should a new government be made to mock the one on earth?

Before the rhetoric hits, you should answer the questions for yourself, and there is no right or wrong answer.
Consider a logic based Pro and Con list for yourself, information can be found readily online and in many other formats that discuss a hypothetical colonization. Remember to separate logic from persuasive techniques; sometimes the difference is not easily noticeable.
Mars Colonization
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